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SIBIOS is a Global Talent Management and HR Consulting firm established to deliver without bias. Our solutions are based on your business needs. We take a proactive approach to ensure our clients are always one step ahead of their competitors.

Working locally or in emerging countries with our multi-lingual staff, we have experience in providing resources across 5 continents.

Finding candidates for an available position is more than just selecting the best qualifications. It requires finding the right fit for your specific industry and organisational culture.

Our solutions

Contractors or Freelancers bring the right skills and flexibility which is critical to the success of your project. We have contracted many experienced freelancers within various IT technology and within Energy sectors in the EMEA, ASIA and America.

We know the market and we know where to find the right people!

Understanding your vision in order to make it happen requires a great leader with inspiration). A great leader is invaluable but hard to find, but not for SIBIOS. We have the network and experience to speak to great leaders that can manage a team, department, program, country, region or the entire company.

We can be the extension of your HR Talent recruitment department, providing on-site and/or off-site full recruitment process at your disposal. We are flexible in terms of providing a service as talent recruiter and/or within your support team depending on your recruitment numbers. Full CRM recruitment system included.

We will manage the entire hiring lifecycle – from workforce planning to sourcing, selection, assessment and offer management. Full CRM recruitment system included.

In collaboration with our senior consultants, with more than 20 years experience within HR and HRIS, we provide pragmatic, functional and technical expertise to our clients in terms of strategy, implementation, workforce management and more.

Our method

We will coordinate the interview schedule, review with the Candidate the reasons why he or she should consider working for your firm rather than your competition.


Assessment, Planning and Research

We will first take the time to understand you and your company’s culture, the type of people that would fit in with your staff, and learn the unique benefits that will attract quality candidates to your firm.


Defining the Job Criteria

We will take the time to understand what is required to do the best job including, the background, education, skills, and qualifications desired in order to develop an in-depth targeted search for your ideal candidate.


Locating Qualified Active and Passive Candidates

Within our database or Network.  If not we use targeted searches by conducting extensive research of companies where your candidates are most likely to be employed by using our network of recruiters. This results in a quicker hiring process.


Candidate pre-qualification

We will speak with a large number of candidates who are Pre-qualified for your opportunity role. We will conduct extensive interviews, exploring candidates background, reasons for leaving, package, etc. Only candidates who fit the requirements will be presented to you.


Reference Checks and Degree Verification

We conduct confidential reference interviews with former employers, supervisors and associates, and verify the educational background of the candidate.


Preparing the Candidate

We will coordinate the interview schedule, review with the candidate the reasons why he or she should consider working for your firm rather than your competition.


Offer and Acceptance

We will help candidates skilfully handle their transition from their previous position, then debrief them after the interview to answer any additional questions or concerns he/she may have when making a career change.


Follow up with Candidate and Company

After employment has begun, we consider it our duty to speak with candidates and client companies regularly to help solve any issues that may arise.

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